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How to buy the reproductions of Kate's art.


In case you would like to support us by purchasing one of Kate’s Art pieces here is what you can do:

Please follow this link to the gallery
There you will find a variety of Kate’s paintings (from 1 to 47).
Hopefully you will find something that will make you happy, that will make you smile and will uplift your spirit, cause this is what Kate’s Art does to people!
Write down the number of the painting that you like or maybe you will select several and then follow these steps:
(Details about payment and delivery are below):
We suggest that you make a donation in the amount of 15$ (US dollars) for each print copy that you would like to have. You can send us the money via PayPal

but please be sure to mention the picture’s number  + your active e-mail address + your  postal address with your Zip Code in PayPal comments (Recipient’s name – # – street – city – state – zip code – country).
We mail packages every week.
The size of the print with fields that you will get is 25.5*18.5 inches (650*470 mm).
Image’s size is 16.5*11.7 inches (420*297 mm).
We can assure you that you will get a high quality paper print with stable inks.
Each print has Kate’s autograph both in Russian and English languages.
If you do so and find a way to support us – we want to tell you THANK YOU for your kind heart!
Your investment will help to pay for Kate’s medical care and improve her everyday life style, it will help us to make sure that she stays active and gets to visit and sees new places and meets new friends!

And, please, don’t forget that in case if you are struggling yourself right now, if you are going through some hard times, facing some real problems and you need some help, please drop us a line at (borodulkina@gmail.com) and tell us your story and we will make sure to send you a print of one of the best known Kate’s paintings (The Lucky Bird) for FREE, just so you know that you are not alone and things will get better!

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